Real Ingredients

We believe that good health starts with what you put in your body. All items are made with real, quality ingredients made fresh daily. All sourdoughs do not contain any yeast, meaning they are naturally fermented and easier to digest in your gut.

Invigorating Creativity

Experimentation and new creations are what we stand for. In addition to our classic loaves, you can find a wide selection of seasonal and unique items that you can’t find in a store!

Life through Jesus

We believe in a whole person. We believe that good health goes beyond just physical, but it entails both mental and spiritual health as well. By the grace and love of Jesus Christ, these loaves are designed to feed a whole person. We acknowledge that everything we have and everything we are comes from God.

I'm Aryn, the baker behind Wholefully Made. I'm a creator, a dreamer and a passionate enthusiast for the things I love! I've never been one to be conventional. I learn as I go and I thrive in an environment where I can be fully myself. I'm always learning, and always striving for growth both in my personal and professional life. I enjoy the simple things - like coffee in the morning, steady rays of sunshine and deep conversations. 

One day during my senior year of college my roommate says, "Aryn, we should make sourdough," in which I quickly I reply as "okay!" Well, it wasn't too much longer until I fell in love with the process and the joy in making something beautiful from scratch. I started Wholefully Made a year later because I wanted to bake more but I couldn't possibly consume that much bread. I thought why not sell this stuff... so here we are. 

As a Twenty-something we are all on this journey of figuring out our lives, what's next or what we should be doing now. I find the uttermost joy in taking this life as a journey with open hands and wide eyes ready to see what God's going to do and what he has in store. In my weakness, I see life like most us, through my own lens, and one usually covered with fear and the uncertainties of life. But when I put on my spiritual lens, I only see abundance and goodness, and I'm prompted to see this life that way - as one big, grand adventure with Jesus as my guide!! Life with Jesus is not boring; it's greater and grander and more exciting than anything I could wish on my own. 

So I'm just like you - unsure what I'm doing, unsure what's next and unsure if I'll be baking for the rest of my life. But what I do know now is God's given me this passion and it's pure fun and joy :)

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